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Towards Model based Generation of Self - Priming and Self - Checking Conformance Tests for Implementing Atomic Read/Write Shared Memory in Mobile Ad hoc Networks


Fatma.A. Omara, Reham.A.Shihata


Vol. 10  No. 4  pp. 267-277


This paper describes a model-based approach to generate conformance tests for interactive applications. this method address generation of small yet effective set of test frames for testing individual operations, then a set up sequence that brings the system under test in an appropriate state for a test frame (self ? priming), also a verification sequence for expected output and state changes (self ? checking), finally, negative test cases in the presence of exceptions. This method exploits a novel mutation scheme applied to operations modeled as relationships among parameters and state variables, a set of novel abstraction techniques which result in a compact Finite State Automaton (FSA), and search techniques to automatically generate the set up and verification sequences. We illustrate this method with a geoquorum approach for implementing atomic read and write shared memory in mobile ad hoc networks as a simple application.


software engineering lifecycle, conformance test, specification phase, FSA, mobile ad hoc networks