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Simulator for Identifying Critical Components for Testing in a Component Based Software System


P K Suri, Sandeep Kumar


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 250-257


Component Based Development is the buzz word in software industry. Lot of efforts are being put in by researchers, academicians and industry professionals in making the CBSE as the default technology of software development.. But very little work has been done in the field of Testing Components and component based systems. Any component based system is composed of many components. While integrating these components it is not possible to test each and every component. So there is a need to identify the key components for testing. A simulator has been designed here to identify the key components (that are most important for the working of a component based system) so that most of the efforts and resources can be put in to test these critical components. A Component Execution Graph (CEG) is the basis for developing such a simulator.


Component, Component Based software, Testing, Component Execution Graph (CEG), Simulation, Erlang