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Enriching Data-Intensive Domain-Ontologies for Useful Transformation of Natural Language Queries


S. M. Abdullah Al-Mamun, Mohammad Moinul Hoque


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 91-100


This paper presents a scheme for purposeful enhancement of domain knowledgebases which are supposed to be repositories of public information and also to be subject to frequent interaction by non-technical people through natural languages. In place of rigorous syntactic study of natural language queries, an acceptable alternative in the form of gradual simplification and recognition of useful semantic structures is proposed. Localization of matching procedures by isolating significant phrases and disambiguation of complicatedly ordered phrase components by heuristic rules are emphasized. Use of finite state machines for recognition and generation of data structures is fruitfully accommodated. Besides, techniques of inexact string matching for mapping query elements to database details have been incorporated to justify the usability of the enhancements.


Domain Ontology, Natural Language Query, Semantic Structure Recognition, Approximate String Matching