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Semantic-Based Retrieving Model of Reuse Software Component


Nedhal A. Al Saiyd, Intisar A. Al Said, Ahmed H. Al Takrori


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 154-161


As the demand of the software is increasing day by day, the software can be developed either from scratch or from using already developed software components. Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) is known as a practical solution to the Software Crisis. It improves productivity and quality of the developed software, but has extra time, effort and knowledge about identifying and extracting the reusable components from already developed and existing software systems. We investigate how ontology technologies can be utilized to support and identified relevant software component retrieving from open-access, different structured, very large and exponentially growing repositories on WWW. The system employs a natural language understanding for the user query to find the conceptual intention, and as the ontology allows word meaning to be queried, it is possible to formulate the unstructured natural language user query into well-defined conceptual query. The component ontology consists of knowledge about the reuse component: functionality, structure, interface, requires and provides interfaces, platform and the application domain from which the component is extracted. The component ontology comprises 33 categories of terms. A search engine that applies concept matching technique, enables the user to search for one or a combination of these tags within a component conceptual specification, Ontologies provide controlled vocabulary for the retrieving of reuse components. Our semantic-based approach makes the component retrieval more efficient and precise. It overcomes limitation of natural language’s imprecision and then reduces the complexity of formal methods. We use description logics, which underlie Semantic Web ontology languages, OWL, to develop ontology for the matching components depending on ontological components descriptions.


Component Retrieval, Ontology, Reuse Component, component-based software engineering, Concept Matching Technique