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A Token Ring Minimum Process Checkpointing Algorithm for Distributed Mobile Computing System


P. Kanmani, R. Anitha, R. Ganesan


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 162-166


Distributed computing poses new challenges in the mobile environment. It has features like high mobility, frequent disconnection and lack of resources such as memory and battery power. Such features make applications running on mobile devices become more susceptible to faults. Checkpointing is an attractive approach for transparently adding fault tolerance to distributed applications without requiring additional programmer efforts. This paper proposes a new non-blocking checkpointing algorithm to tolerate the faults in the mobile computing environment. It is a Min process Token Ring based checkpointing algorithm that reduces the much overheads of the previous non-blocking algorithms. The new algorithm reduces the number of processes taking checkpoints and also diminishes the dependency array passed during the checkpointing process.


Checkpointing, Fault Tolerance