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Node Placement Optimization Techniques in Multihop Lightwave Based de Bruijn Graph Network


Tarun Kumar Ghosh, Debi Bera


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 262-270


The de Bruijn graph being a regular topology and having structured node connectivity has a small nodal degree. Node placement problem in de Bruijn graph is a combinatorial optimization problem. To exploit the limitless capabilities of lightwave technology, we construct optimized regular multihop network based de Bruijn graph when the traffic flow among the network nodes is asymmetric. Given that the network nodes must be connected in a regular interconnection pattern and that the node positions in the regular network can be adjusted by properly tuning their (optical) transceivers, here we propose the best possible node placement in the given regular topology. We formulate four efficient heuristic algorithms to design optimized de Bruijn graph structures for given traffic matrices and compare these algorithms.


Lightwave networks, node placement problem, multihop, de Bruijn graph, optimized structures