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The Game of Sudoku-Advanced Backtrack Approach


Abhishek Majumder, Abhay Kumar, Nilu Das, Nilotpal Chakraborty


Vol. 10  No. 8  pp. 255-258


Sudoku is a puzzle game played on a grid that consists of 9 x 9 cells each belonging to three groups one of nine rows, one of nine columns and one of nine sub grids (sometimes called regions). The game of Sudoku is basically based on Latin squares. The Sudoku was incepted in the year 1979 and was first published in the Dell Magazines as “Number Place” in the year 1984. The term Sudoku means a single number. The game begins with numbers already printed in some cells. The player must fill in the empty cells with the numbers 1 to 9 such that each column, row and region contains that number exactly once. There are several Sudoku applications that have already been developed by many programmers around the globe. In this paper, we give an overview of the work that we have performed on the development of the game of Sudoku that generates a 9 x 9 puzzle grid with various difficulty levels. The application also enables users to input their own puzzle and to be solved by the computer. The developed application also includes advanced features such as save, load and fast input validation. The solving algorithm of the developed Sudoku application has also been compared to some existing Sudoku applications for analysis.


Sudoku, Backtracking Algorithm, NP-complete