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An Efficient Materialized View Selection Approach for Query Processing in Database Management


P. P. Karde, V. M. Thakare


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 26-33


Quick response time and accuracy are important factors in the success of any database. In large databases particularly in distributed database, query response time plays an important role as timely access to information and it is the basic requirement of successful business application. A data warehouse uses multiple materialized views to efficiently process a given set of queries. The materialization of all views is not possible because of the space constraint and maintenance cost constraint. Materialized views selection is one of the crucial decisions in designing a data warehouse for optimal efficiency. Selecting a suitable set of views that minimizes the total cost associated with the materialized views is the key component in data warehousing. Materialized views are found useful for fast query processing. This paper gives the results of proposed tree based materialized view selection algorithm for query processing. In distributed environment where database is distributed over the nodes on which query should get executed & also plays an important role. This paper also proposes node selection method for fast materialized view selection in distributed environment. It is found that the proposed methodology performs well as compare to other materialized view selection strategies.


Cost of query, Data warehousing, Materialize views, Net benefit, Storage cost, View maintenance, View selection