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Discrete Modified Smith Predictor for an Unstable Plant with Dead Time Using a Plant Predictor


Manato Ono, Naohiro Ban, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Kazusa Matsumoto, Yoshihisa Ishida


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 80-85


In this paper, a discrete control method for an unstable plant with dead time is proposed. The plant is controlled by means of a modified Smith predictor and a predicted-state feedback technique composed of a plant predictor and an observer. Because we use a plant predictor that calculates future outputs and states of the plant, we can design a controller as if the system had no dead time. The state feedback controller with the plant predictor can place the poles of the plant at designed locations. Thus, the method can stabilize the system, even if the plant has unstable poles. In addition, a modified minor feedback eliminates the extra dead time component and a steady-state error caused by input-side disturbance. In simulation studies, we show that our proposed method is effective for unstable plants with dead time.


Smith Predictor, Plant Predictor, Predicted State Feedback, Dead Time, Unstable Plant