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Software-Architecture for Object Oriented Systems-Usability Patterns


R.V. Siva Balan, M. Punithavalli


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 64-70


Over the years the software engineering community has increasingly realized the important role of software architecture plays in fulfilling the quality requirements of a software system. It has been experienced that Software Architecture (SA) constrains the achievement of various quality attributes such as performance, security, maintainability and usability in a system. Reportedly, most software engineering projects reveals that a large number of usability related change requests are made after its deployment. Software patterns have proven to be a useful medium for capturing best practices. Building on the seminal work on software design patterns, usability patterns have been increasingly created to disseminate usability knowledge. In existing scenario-based software architecture analysis methods that focus on usability, the usage context is not employed to select scenarios used for analysis, it is known that understanding a specific usage context is important to carefully design for usability.


Software Architecture, patterns, usability, quality attributes, QDK, design decision, ISO standards