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Analysis of Indoor Signal Attenuation in Wireless Networks using Fuzzy Logic


Lia Mota, Alexandre Mota, Rina Rondon


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 83-90


Wireless Networks (WN) have become an interesting technology for delivering services such as video, voice and video conference, in the last years. In order to satisfy the demand of these services, the estimation of the power reception at a specific distance is required. The power reception is affected by environmental and infrastructure constraints which varies according to different characteristics of the medium, such as the layout of the buildings, building materials, people movement, separations between rooms, among others. Therefore these factors have to be contemplated when calculating the power attenuation´s signal and this process can be considered very complex. Hence, a model that deals, in a simple way, with these constraints is required. The proposal of this work is to show that, through the application of Fuzzy Logic (FL) to the analysis of the signal attenuation in indoor environments (IE), it is possible to deal with these constraints and it is possible to determine the value of the path loss exponent the beta parameter of the Shadowing Model of Signal Propagation, with results very similar to those obtained by experimental methods.


Attenuation, Indoor Environment, Shadowing Model, Fuzzy Logic