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DTN Routing based on Search Theory ? An Overview


Laveen Sundararaj, Palanisamy Vellaiyan


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 202-210


This paper explores the theoretical approach to improve existing Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking routing algorithms using Search Theory. Search Theory is a discipline within the field of operations research, whose applications range from deep-ocean search for submerged objects to deep space surveillance for artificial satellites. DTN deals with networks in challenged environment. DTN focuses on deep space to a broader class of heterogeneous networks that may suffer disruptions, affected by design decisions such as naming and addressing, message formats, data encoding methods, routing, congestion management and security. DTN is part of the Inter Planetary Internet with primary application being deep space networks. The hypothesis behind modeling DTN routing as a search game is based on the understanding that when the DTN agents are in the mode of Search game, routing decision based on Search theory becomes a prudent choice.


DTN, IPN, AUDTHMN, Alunivdtnsim, LTP, PRoPHET, Lebesgue Measure, Ky Fan’s minimax theorem, Neyman-Pearson lemma