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Efficient Source Code Plagiarism Identification Based on Greedy String Tilling


Khurram Zeeshan Haider, Tabassam Nawaz, Sami ud Din, Ali Javed


Vol. 10  No. 12  pp. 204-210


There is no doubt that use of computers and internet has given benefits in abundance but on the other hand with other harms it has made easier to produce plagiarized work. Truthfully plagiarism can be encountered in any field and should be condemned at every level. The focus of this paper is on source code plagiarism. In college and universities students copy the programming assignments of each other similarly the employees claim the code belong to their by reproducing it or committing some other means of plagiarism. The lot of work has been made in the prevention of source code plagiarism. This paper spotlights the work which already has been done and a new method has been proposed in this research. The proposed method is based on GST.


GST- Greedy String Tiling, Plagiarism, Algorithm, Source code tokenization