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Kannada Morphological Analyser and Generator Using Trie


Shambhavi. B. R, Ramakanth Kumar P, Srividya K, yothi B J, Spoorti Kundargi, Varsha Shastri G


Vol. 11  No. 1  pp. 112-116


Morphological Analyser and Generator tool is an essential component of any NLP application. This paper presents the morphological analyser and generation tool for the South Indian language of Kannada language using paradigm approach. The application uses trie as the datastructure for the storage of suffixes and root words. Though there have been attempts of building a Morphological Analyser for Kannada in the recent past, no full fledged analyser for Kannada has been built. The performance demonstrated by our application has been really encouraging.


Natural Language Processing, Morphological Analyser, Paradigm, Trie