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Modeling TCP NewReno Slow Start and Congestion- Avoidance using Simulation Approach


Saleem-ullah Lar, Xiaofeng Liao, Songtao Guo


Vol. 11  No. 1  pp. 117-124


TCP steady-state Performance is affected by the congestion in the network and to select an appropriate data for the available capacity (bottle-neck link) is an open issue. This congestion is mainly arises when a large amount of flow (FTP transaction) is to be sent. The aim of this paper is to solve these issues up to the maximum level using simulation approach in already defined algorithms. Our measurement is able to predict more accurately TCP send rate to avoid packet loss and increasing throughput and saw-tooth effect in congestion window while comparing with TCP New Reno. The simulation result shows that the proposed schema can achieve higher throughput and lower delay, full and always link utilization with minor packet loss which will be controlled by using some TCP New Reno already defined mechanism and modifying slow start and congestion avoidance algorithms.


Congestion Control, Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Multiple Packet loss, Throughput