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A Secure Authentication System- Using Enhanced One Time Pad Technique


Raman Kumar, Roma Jindal, Abhinav Gupta, Sagar Bhalla, Harshit Arora


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 11-17


With the upcoming technologies available for hacking, there is a need to provide users with a secure environment that protect their resources against unauthorized access by enforcing control mechanisms. To counteract the increasing threat, enhanced one time pad technique has been introduced. It generally encapsulates the enhanced one time pad based protocol and provides client a completely unique and secured authentication tool to work on. This paper however proposes a hypothesis regarding the use of enhanced one time pad based protocol and is a comprehensive study on the subject of using enhanced one time pad technique. This forms the basis for a secure communication between the communicating entities. Several password authentication protocols have been introduced each claiming to withstand to the several attacks, including replay, password file compromise, denial of service, etc. We introduced a new protocol through which the people can communicate to each other securely using one time pads. In this technique, very small one time pad is needed for both the sender and receiver and then they can have a very secure communication between them, so the server which is providing the communication between sender and receiver will also do not have any knowledge about the way to decrypt the text. This protocol is providing the secure communication by not trusting anyone except the sender and receiver which are the only one having the copy of small one time pad file. Therefore, the proposed scheme is secure and efficient against notorious conspiracy attacks.


One Time Pad (OTP), Random, Attacks Security Threats, Cryptographic Techniques and Information Security