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A Novel Scheme for Congestion Control in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Networks


P. Harini, B. Eswara Reddy, U.S.N. Raju, V. Vijaya Kumar


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 98-104


Packet losses occur repeatedly due to temporal link disconnection during handoff in wireless networks. Also during the handoff, the amount of bandwidth present at the new point of attachment may be different from that of the previous one. Due to this bandwidth change, packet drops or wastage of resources and congestion may occur at the new access point. To overcome this problem, the present paper proposes a TCP (Transport Control Protocol) based Path Loss Acknowledgment (TCP?PLACK) mechanism in place of TCP-SACK (selective acknowledgement) mechanism. The proposed TCP-PLACK mechanism sends a special acknowledgment which consists of packet loss details and available bandwidth at the new access point whenever a TCP receiver is attached to a new access point after a disconnection period or handoff. On receiving this acknowledgment, the sender retransmits the lost packets and adjusts the sending rate according to the bandwidth availability at the new access point.


HMIPv6, Handoffs, Bandwidth, Throughput, Congestion