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The Lagrange Interpolation Polynomial for Neural Network Learning


Khalid Ali Hussien


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 255-261


One of the methods used to find this polynomial is called the Lagrange method of interpolation. In this research, the Lagrange interpolation method was used in a new neural network learning by develops the weighting calculation in the back propagation training. This proposed developing decrease the learning time with best classification operation results. Also, the Langrage interpolation polynomial was used to process the image pixels and remove the noise the image. This interpolation gives the effective processing in removing the noise and error in the image layers. One of the advantages of this method is reduce the noise to minimum value by replacing the noisy pixels (detected by Lagrange Back propagation Neural Network LBPNN) by results calculated by the Lagrange interpolation with high speed processing and best RMSE results.


Interpolation polynomial, Lagrange Interpolation, Lagrange neural network, neural learning, Lagrange learning, Denoising, Neural denoising