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A Novel Authenticated Digital Watermarking in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Using ns-2 Simulator


Mehemed Bashir Aliwa, Tark El-Ahmady El-Tobely, Mahmood M. Fahmy, Mohamed EL Said Nasr, Mohamed Hashem Abd El-Aziz


Vol. 11  No. 4  pp. 44-55


Mobile ad-hoc networks MANETs are extensively used in defense and rescue applications. The dynamic topology of MANETs allows nodes to join and leave the network at any point of time. This dynamic property has rendered it vulnerable to various security attacks than traditional wired networks. Many solutions have been proposed in recent researches for secure routing protocol to increase the security of MANETs. In this paper, have been proposed and evaluate a novel authenticated digital watermarking algorithm in mobile ad-hoc distance vector routing protocol (AWDV) based on the design of the Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector routing protocol DSDV. In order to support use with nodes to guard against Byzantine and Denial-of-Service attacks attempts to cause other nodes to consume excess network bandwidth or processing time, have been used to embed a watermark bits in each routing advertisements to create authentic watermarked packet entry in an routing update. The result of the AWDV proposed was compared with the standard DSDV and secure efficient ad-hoc distance vector routing protocol SEAD under the performance analysis of simulation setup ns-2 and metrics. The results obtained prove that the proposed AWDV outscores the traditional DSDV and SEAD in all aspects. The proposed AWDV enhanced table-driven DSDV provides the solution for the possible packet dropping attack in an ad-hoc network


Mobile ad-hoc network, digital watermarking, routing protocol, attacker, ns-2 simulator and performance metrics