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Enhanced ERICA Congestion Control Scheme for ATM Networks


M.Sreenivasulu, E.V. Prasad, G.S.S. Raju


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 133-140


Rate based Congestion control schemes promises effective traffic management for the ABR service class suitable to data communications in ATM networks. A rate based scheme uses feedback information from the network to specify the maximum rate at which each source can transmit cells in to the network on every VC. In this paper, we considered an efficient rate based congestion scheme, Explicit Rate Indication Congestion Avoidance (ERICA) for ATM networks. An enhancement to ERICA scheme is proposed. The simulation results shows that enhanced ERICA scheme gives better results than original ERICA scheme.


Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks, Congestion, Explicit Rate Indication Congestion Avoidance, NIST ATM Simulator