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Automatic Functional Verification of OPNET Models with SDL-OPNET Co-Simulation


Tae-Hyong Kim, Qi-Ping Yang, Jae-Woo Kim


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 145-151


Owing to the model-driven development (MDD) technology, reliable network protocols could be developed with an integrated and systematic way. As performance, another core metric for evaluation of network protocols, is usually not the target of MDD process, how to connect performance evaluation to the MDD process is an important issue. This paper presents a method to enhance the reliability of performance evaluation when a performance model of a network protocol should be designed separately in a different performance simulation tool. The proposed method verifies the functional correctness of the OPNET model of a network protocol generated from its original SDL model designed with an SDL-based MDD process by SDL-OPNET co-simulation. A test system designed in SDL is used to automate the verification process and all the components of the verification system could be obtained systematically in the proposed method. Experimental results with the logical link control (LLC) protocol show the applicability of the proposed method. The proposed method could be also applied to other MDD and performance simulation tools only if they provide external interfaces for co-simulation.


Model-driven development, model verification, Performance evaluation, Co-simulation