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Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Routing Engine for a multipoint communication protocol: XCAST6


Odira Elisha Abade, Katsuhiko Kaji, Nobuo Kawaguchi


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 200-209


Multipoint communication has passed from research to deployment and back to a research issue. For instance, even though several multicast variants exist, multicast deployment has been a challenge. In multicast address allocation, a multicast group address must be unique in its scope. However, on the Internet, this scope will often be global. Therefore implementing multicast at router-level still faces scalability problems especially in the number of groups that can be supported. CAST (explicit multiunicast) solves this scalability problem by using unicast routes thereby eliminating multicast routes and complex distribution tree construction algorithms. When combined with mobile IPv6, XCAST can simplify node migration and its efficiency can be enhanced by using sender initiated congestion control. However the custom header structure of XCAST has also created obstacles in its deployment in the real-world. In this paper we therefore propose an XCAST6 Routing Engine, an out-of-the-box solution that simplifies gradual deployment of XCAST in the real-world. The contribution of this paper is two fold. We not only provide a simple solution that can hasten deployment of XCAST on the real Internet but we also exemplify through experimental performance evaluation of our solution with respect to a number of performance and resource utilization metrics, that contrary to other perceptions, XCAST does not actually add an extra ordinary load to the routing resources.


XCAST6, Multipoint communication, Routing Engine, Scalability, IPv6, Performance