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A Novel E-cash Payment Protocol Using Trapdoor Hash Function on Smart Mobile Devices


Jian-Sen Wang, Fuw-Yi Yang, Incheon Paik


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 12-19


Electronic commerce is becoming more important along with fast progress of the Internet and information technology, many customers use e-cash instead of real cash in wide. An e-cash is issued by a bank with a fixed face-value. The face-value of the e-cash is usually not fitted with actual amount, and it is inconvenient for customers to use. Moreover, it consumes huge amounts of computing resources and difficult to engage in electronic commerce with mobile devices for limited computing capability. This paper proposes a novel payment system with smart mobile devices, wherein customers are not limited to purchase e-cash with the fixed face-value. The amount of every transaction is deducted directly from the customer's account, eliminating the inconvenience of fixed face-value of the e-cash, and reducing online computation cost of a bank. Using a technique of trapdoor hash function to mitigate the computational cost, our system can be used with the mobile devices effectively.


Electronic commerce, E-cash, Trapdoor hash function, Smart mobile devices