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Fault Tolerant Projective Geometry Based Low Density Parity Check Code Decoder


B.Venkateshulu, B.Suryanarayana Adiga, B.C.Jinaga


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 98-104


Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes are a special case of error correcting codes having high throughput, good decoding performance, low implementation complexity, low decoding latency, as well as no error floors at high SNR’s. However the implementation of the fully parallel LDPC decoder is impeded by the complexity of the interconnection network. The Perfect Difference Network (PDN) based interconnection schemes have been suggested to negotiate many of the interconnection problems to accommodate regular/irregular LDPC codes in a network of diameter 2 . When a single node/link failure occurs the diameter of the network increases to 3 and thus latency of communication increases. In this paper we describe a modified version the PDN ,namely 0-free PDN, which does not suffer from this problem. The paper contains detailed analysis of an example of 0-free PDN and its application to an LDPC decoder.


LDPC Decoder, Perfect Difference Set, Projective Geometry, Perfect Difference Network(PDN), 0?free PDN