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Location Estimation of a Remotely Controlled Robot using an RDV-HOP Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks


MunSuck Jang, JinHyuk Kim, SangBang Choi, EungHyuk Lee


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 125-133


In this study, an RDV-HOP algorithm that improves the DV-HOP algorithm is proposed to estimate the self-location of a remotely controlled robot and a simulation of this algorithm is performed by applying various indoor environments as its model. Regarding its performance, the number of sensor nodes that represents performance improvements is less than 20% as the effective distance is less than 40%. Also, as the effective distance is a range of 40~80%, it shows the largest decrease in location errors. Also, in the comparison of the results with the conventional DV-HOP algorithm, the proposed algorithm decreases the average absorption of 52.2% maximum and the distance error of 121.89% maximum.


Wireless Sensor Network, Remotely Controlled Robot, DV-HOP, Estimative Distance, Sensor Node, Reference Node