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A Comparative Study on the Performance of National Address Database (NAD) on the Grid


Mahmud Hasan, Sadim Mahmud, Yamin Mola


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 62-67


The need for every citizen to have a valid and verifiable address and allowing diversified services to be provided to them has led to the creation of National Address Database (NAD). Traditionally, national address databases have been built and maintained at a single central location. To overcome the flaws (single point of failure, congestion and low scalability) inherent in such a centralized system our research focus is to develop a system with NAD in a grid environment. We have implemented NAD in both centralized and grid environment and done a comparative study between them. In our research we have built a test bed that describes the computational environment in which the comparison is performed. This paper includes proposed grid system architecture for NAD, tables and a graph to show the comparison. Furthermore we want to determine the database which will provide faster and more efficient response in the grid environment. For that purpose this paper also includes tables and a graph to show the comparative performance of NAD implemented in a grid environment using Intiendo Server [7] and SQL Server.


Grid Server, Manager, Executor, Address Verification (Match Address), Web Client.