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Knowledge Based Information Retrieval for Syntactic analysis of Kannada Script


Keshava Prasanna, Ramakhanth Kumar P, Thungamani.M, Shravani Krishna Rau


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 98-105


The output of even the most effectively designed OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module is not 100% accurate and hence errors occur in the identification of letters in turn leading to erroneous words. This motivates the use of spell checkers for syntactic analysis of the words which are output by the OCR and the need to verify the grammatical correctness of the sentences formed using the optional words. The use of spell checkers can be used to eliminate typographic errors and spell checkers form the heart of modern day Natural language Processing. An input word is taken from the user and it is searched for in a static data dictionary. The data dictionary is implemented using ternary search (TST) tree as the primary data structure.


syntactical analyzer, ternary search tree, Levenstein distance, OCR, word recognition