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A Novel Scheme for Improving the Fairness of Queue Management in Internet Congestion Control


Jungmin Lee, Kwangsue Chung


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 13-22


This paper proposes a novel scheme to improve the fairness of active queue management congestion control. In order to reduce the increasing rates of packet loss caused by the exponential increase of network traffic, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) is considering the deployment of active queue management techniques such as RED (Random Early Detection). RED is a simple scheme, but it does not support the fairness of traffic protection from misbehaving flows, such as short RTT (Round-Trip Time) TCP flows and non-TCP flows, i.e., UDP flows. To solve this problem, we propose a simple fairness queue management scheme, called the RED with AFQM (Approximate Fair Queue Management) scheme, which discriminates against flows that submit more packets than their shares allocated via a router. By doing this, the scheme aims to ensure the fairest queueing policy. In addition, the RED with AFQM scheme can be easily implemented with small overhead.


AFQM, active queue management, congestion control, fairness, RED