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Simplification of Intra Prediction Mode


Soon-kak Kwon, Amal Punchihewa, Donald G. Bailey


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 102-106


An intra prediction method that uses neighbor pixels within current picture has been adopted for improving coding efficiency, but the intra prediction having a large number of prediction modes increases the implementation operation at the encoder side. In order to reduce the operation, we first investigate the usage distribution of the intra prediction modes according to the coded picture characteristics. Then a simplification method of the intra prediction modes is proposed. The prediction modes that are utilized more than 8% are considered important but the others are excluded in the intra prediction operation. The exclusion modes are updated on a picture by picture basis after the scene change detection. From the simulation results, we can verify that approximately 50% reduction is possible in operation complexity for the intra prediction through the simplification of intra prediction modes without significant losses in picture quality.


Intra prediction, Prediction mode, Simplification, Video coding