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Time Stamp based global log and monitor approach to handle orphans in distributed systems


Shamsdueen. E, V. Sundaram


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 123-125


Orphan handling in distributed system is very important because, the orphans make problems like inconstancy of data, wastage of resources, and the execution time of the server processes. Moreover, having no orphan state in distributed system is very rare. The timestamp based global log and monitor approach tries to answer the questions like, What happens when the client crashes while the token is being updated? and how the monitor process knows the communication link between client and server which participate in the RPC mechanism is down. In order to tackle these type of situations a deadline is setup with the token which is traveling across the system to find out whether any client which participates in the RPC is down or not. This approach provides such a mechanism that should find out the orphans and killed immediately after the orphan is born. So it prevents the orphans from seeing inconsistent information.


RPC, orphans, Global log, time stamp