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SmartSense: A Novel Smart and Intelligent Context-Aware Framework


Anuja Meetoo-Appavoo


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 214-221


Traditional interactive applications are limited to using only explicit user input. However, as users are moving away from traditional desktop computing environments towards mobile and ubiquitous computing environments, there is an increasing need for such pervasive applications, which operate in an extremely dynamic and heterogeneous environment, to be context-aware. Yet, context is poorly utilized and building context-aware applications is currently complex and time-consuming mainly due to a lack of architectural support. There is currently no established generic architecture and most context-aware applications have been built in an ad hoc manner. This paper presents SmartSense, a smart and intelligent context-aware framework for the easy creation and flexible deployment of context-aware applications, and hence helps in transforming physical spaces into computationally active and intelligent environments. In addition to fully supporting all the requirements of a context-aware architecture, it (1) allows applications to easily acquire contextual information, reason about it using different logics and then adapt themselves to changing contexts, (2) allows autonomous heterogeneous components to have a common semantic understanding of contextual information and aids in developing more scalable and interoperable applications through the use of ontologies, (3) provides an improved Quality of Context (QoC) for location and seamless indoor and outdoor location tracking through sensing fusion, (4) employs machine learning, and (5) is generic, i.e. will support any context-aware application, and scalable.


Context-awareness, framework, architecture, middleware, sensing fusion, machine learning