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Client-Server Access Control Method on the Policy-Based Network Management Scheme called DACS Scheme


Kazuya Odagiri, Shogo Shimizu, Naohiro Ishii


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 13-19


Recently, much attention is paid to the network security including information leak through a network. As one of the important technologies about network security, there is an access control for network services. There are some methods of access control: the access control by packet filtering mechanism on the network server side, the access control by the communication control mechanism on the network such as VPN, and the access control by the packet filtering mechanism on the client computer server side such as a personal firewall of a quarantine network. In this paper, a new access control is proposed. This new access control is realized by combing the access control on the network server side with that on the client computer side. Then, the access control is realized by DACS Scheme as a network management scheme we have been proposed.


Access control, Packet filtering, Policy-based network management