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Spiking Neural P Systems with Memory


Ammar Adl, Amr Badr, Ibrahim Farag


Vol. 11  No. 10  pp. 96-102


This paper is an attempt to discuss the idea of memory into the area of spiking neural P Systems we introduce a draft hybrid model of SNP system encapsulating a dynamic arrays System inside. In this device, we use the aspects of dynamic array management to construct a memory sub-system inside the atomic building block of the SNP System, which is the single neuron. And as a computing device, the proposed machine, we will call it the SNP A-Machine. We also try to visit broadly the learning mechanism for the machine, through a learning model, incorporating the time concept using some forget factor f and a recall factor r.


Spiking neural P System, Single neuron, Shot-term memory, long-term memory, SNP A-Machine