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USB Key as an active device of Security System


Mohammed Nasir Uddin, Selina Sharmin, Abu Hasnat Shohel Ahmed, Emrul Hasan, Shahadot Hossain, Muniruzzaman


Vol. 11  No. 10  pp. 161-166


USB Key represents one of the smallest computing platforms today. With the development of USB Key chips, more and more security features will be supported by USB Key. Network security middleware is a Java and HTTP-based development framework on USB Key. Developers can develop and on line load network security?related programs on this framework. End users can use this USB Key to establish secure network connections. In this design, USB Key became an active secure device on network. Design and implementation of this middleware is given in this paper. At fist, the software architecture and security features of this middleware are discussed in detail, which includes how to implement HTTP server, CGI, security proxy etc. on USB Key. Secondly, application scenarios and security analysis of mutual authentication between Web server and client on this middleware are given. At last, advantages of this middleware and what to do further are given in conclusion and future work.


Network Security, CGI Security Proxy, Security Analysis, Crypto Server Provider, USB Key