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Radio Resource Management and Design of Interference Model for Scheduling Algorithm in 4G CDMA Based Cognitive Radio Network


Alam N. Shaikh, S. K. Bodhe


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 157-166


In this research paper we have designed Interference Model for Scheduling Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs), which is very much essential during the development of 4G. [1]. Also we shove radio resource management (RRM) in CDMA based cognitive radio networks (CRNs). Two types of CDMA based wireless networks are Cognitive radio networks (CRNs), and. Cooperative communication networks. [5] Same spectrum is shared in all instantaneous transmissions in the networks and interferes with one another. Organization of the transmission power is very important because the aspects of the network resource allocations, such as transmission time and rate allocations are determined by transmission power. Adequate quality of service (QoS) is the innermost aim of the RRM by interesting advantage of the available network resources. Power control is originally used to solve the near-far problems in the uplink of cellular CDMA networks when homogeneous traffic is supported. In Cognitive radio, spectrum is inadequate resource in wireless communications. Currently, fixed spectrum slices are licensed to each wireless service/technology. Recent studies [6] [8] [9] have discovered that 78 %( 96%) of spectrum is unutilized in rustic areas. Alternatively, the demands for wireless communication services have augmented spectacularly.


Equal Speed Allotment, Proportional Speed Allotment, CRN, Interference Threshold