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Routers Packet Classification Using Configuration Machine


V. Francis Densil Raj, C. M. Selvarani


Vol. 11  No. 12  pp. 151-161


The packet classification is the vital part mechanism that leads to create many networking services in the internet such as firewall packet filtering and traffic accounting. So the packet classification is in need which enables many networking services in the network. There are two types support such as hardware and software support. The hardware support is more expansive compared to software and it also has limited scalability. In this paper we discussed the extreme packet classification by decreasing the optimization rule in turn which improves the incremental rules update efficiently. Our work also improves the source and destination ip prefixes specified in rules which are based on Router Configuration Engine Packet Classification (RCEPC), inspects multidimensional sequence based tree algorithm. The firewall rules are built in the form of 24 bit sub rules which reads the router instruction and improved classification process, which in turn finds the classification rule in the network.


Packet classification, Packet Filtering, RCEPC, Tree based algorithm, Firewall rules