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3D Wavelets with SPIHT Coding for Integral Imaging Compression


Hala H. Zayed, Sherin E. Kishk, Hosam M. Ahmed


Vol. 12  No. 1  pp. 126-133


In three-dimensional display based on integral imaging (II) the compression of the elemental images is a major need to be implemented in real time applications. In this paper, we propose an Integral Imaging (II) lossless compression coder based on three-dimensional set partitioning in hierarchical trees,3D SPIHT. The elemental images are stacked to form a three dimensional image. 3D wavelet transform is performed, then 3D SPIHT coding is applied. Simulations are performed to test the performance of the 3D compression system. The results show that the proposed system has superior compression Performance compared to 2 DSPIHT.


Integral Imaging, compression, 3D wavelet, 3D SPIHT