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Towards Simulation Study of FAST TCP Compared to XCP in Satellite Networks


Yandong Sun, Zhenzhou Ji, Hui Wang


Vol. 12  No. 1  pp. 153-158


More and more attention has been paid to the Internet access via satellite networks. But theory and simulations have proved that TCP suffers severe degradation in high bandwidth-delay product networks. Some improved mechanisms have been proposed, and FAST TCP and XCP are two promising representatives. FAST TCP uses a window-based policy and XCP uses a feedback-based policy. The performance of FAST TCP and XCP is thoroughly evaluated in this paper under the context of GEO satellite networks. The results show that FAST TCP and XCP maintain good fairness, low queue length and identical friendliness to TCP. In steady state, the throughput of FAST TCP is larger than that of XCP, but the convergence time is longer than that of XCP. Through comparison, the pros and cons of two protocols are illustrated and can be the guideline to design new congestion control mechanisms in satellite networks.


Satellite Networks, FAST TCP, XCP, High Bandwidth-Delay, Congestion Control