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Near Field Communication ( NFC )


Hussein Ahmad Al-Ofeishat, Mohammad A.A.AL Rababah


Vol. 12  No. 2  pp. 93-99


The world of electronics and through the move from one machine to all the multi-purpose devices, by moving from device to network devices. On the other hand, users do not face the complexities and problems of establishing a network of connections between devices and each other. Hence we can set multiple network functions are handled in the computer world, but not in the world of electronics. Using the protocol (NFCIP-1), according to which users of electronic devices, which provide the use of secure means of communication between various devices without effort is considerable intellectual in the formation of their own network concept is simple striking: According also to communicate between two devices, and bring them together, using Protocol NFCIP-1 and the wireless network to deal with them in the peer Baland and here is the exchange of configuration data using NFC, and here you can not continue with the devices, some of the longer and faster than protocols such as Bluetooth or wireless Ethernet (WiFi).


Information security, Privacy, NFC, Devices, Tags