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An Efficient Distributed Deadlock Detection and Prevention Algorithm by Daemons


Alireza Soleimany, Zahra Giahi


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 150-155


The deadlock is one of the important problems in distributed systems and different solutions have been proposed for solving it. Among the many deadlock detection algorithms, Edge-chasing has been the most widely used. In Edge-chasing algorithm, a special message called probe is made and sent along dependency edges. When the initiator of a probe receives the probe back the existence of a deadlock is revealed. One of the problems associated with them is that they cannot detect some deadlocks and they even identify false deadlocks. A key point not mentioned in the literature is that when the process is waiting to obtain the required resources and its execution has been blocked, how it can actually respond to probe messages in the system. Also the question of ‘which process should be victimized in order to achieve a better performance when multiple cycles exist within one single process in the system’ has received little attention. Besides, before allocating one resources to a process waiting for it, a reasonable action is to In this paper, one of the basic concepts of the operating system - daemon - will be used to solve the problems mentioned. The proposed Algorithm becomes engaged in sending probe messages to the mandatory daemons and collects enough information to effectively identify and resolve multi-cycle deadlocks in distributed systems.


Distributed system, distributed deadlock detection and resolution, daemon, false deadlock, prevention