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Study of MA protection based on Homomorphism Encryption and Time Checking Technology


Jiehong Wu, Po Zhang, Bin Wang


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 51-56


Mobile agents ( MA ) are autonomous software entities that are able to migrate across heterogeneous network execution environments. Mobility and autonomy compensate the deficiencies of distributed technology pretty well. But the security issues with mobile agents have not been solved and are becoming obstacles for the application of mobile agents. Homomorphism encryption is a technique in which the encrypted mobile codes can be executed directly on different platforms without decryption. A protection scheme of mobile agent (AMHCFES) is presented in this paper, which combine protect method of homomorphism encryption and composite function technology. The correctness and security proof of AMHCFES protection scheme are given in this paper. Experiments results show: more executing time are saved compare with other encryption methods and malicious hosts can be detected effectively using this scheme.


Mobile agent, homomorphism, composite function, active protection