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Frame Rate Up-conversion Using HOE (Hierarchical Optical flow Estimation) Based Bidirectional Optical Flow Estimation


Mamoru Ogaki, Tetsuya Matsumura, Koji Nii, Masayuki Miyama, Kousuke Imamura, Yoshio Matsuda


Vol. 12  No. 6  pp. 52-61


We propose a frame rate up-conversion algorithm using bidirectional optical flow estimation at each pixel based on a previously proposed Hierarchical Optical flow Estimation (HOE) algorithm. The HOE is extended from unidirectional flow estimation to bidirectional flow estimation in which a 3×3×2 multi-dimensional filter and a motion compensated image method are used for high accuracy of flow estimation. PSNRs of 30.29?45.99 dB were obtained for five test sequences with computer simulations. The PSNR improvements are 3.50?10.99 dB compared to a simple bidirectional block matching method and 0.26?1.88 dB compared to an existing method based on a bidirectional block matching method.


frame rate up-conversion,optical flow, block matching, bidirectional flow estimation, motion compensation