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Comparative Study on Main and Sub-code Reusabilities


A.N.Swamynathan, K.Nirmala


Vol. 12  No. 7  pp. 59-62


Most of the coding and reused coding of south Indian IT companies are based on object oriented programming environment (OOP). In OOPs, it is possible to use certain code again for different modules through inheritance. While calling class member function in objects of a particular class, interface and dependency related problems are encountered. To overcome these kinds of problems, we propose a general purpose code reusable model that analyzes language structure through two possible reusing environments. The common and traditional approach is the main to sub-coding. For different but similar projects sub-codes can call main with appropriate logical checks. The paper justifies model based approach for code reusability under OOPs for these two approaches. Unless a comparative study is performed on these two approaches, a generalized model would not be possible to construct. However the descriptive presentation of reusability model is beyond the scope of this paper. The paper is a part of another whole research. The whole research attempts to investigate different levels of programmers that form pairs in pair programming on reusable coding. However this paper limits its scope only to the comparative study on these two coding approaches. The paper presents comparison studied through experiment on a few application areas. Risk factors are obtained through trials while attempting reused coding.


Interface conformance, Reusability, Inheritance, Segment dependency