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Creation and Static Verification of Extended Automata Knowledge Base


Germanas Budnikas, Tadeu? Lozovski, Miroslav ?eibak


Vol. 12  No. 12  pp. 121-128


The paper presents a technique for creation and static verification of extended automata knowledge base that is expressed in a form of productions and predicates. This knowledge representation is natural for a human. Such knowledge base is understandable for a domain expert too, while specification language might be complex for reading. The constructed knowledge base is verified to ensure satisfaction of its static properties ? absence of redundancy, ambivalence and deficiency. The static verification is performed in these steps: productions and predicates of the knowledge base are transformed to lexicographically ordered decision tables; then the decision tables are checked for presence of anomalies that are counter-examples of the general static properties the knowledge base should satisfy. Static verification is performed in Prologa system. Statically verified extended automata knowledge base is intended for development of extended automata based specifications. A case study of Internet Cache Protocol illustrates suggested in the paper technique.


Extended automata, knowledge base, static verification, decision table