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Intent Based Security Challenges in Android-An Analysis & Recommendation


Janaki Sivakumar, Ammar Yassir


Vol. 13  No. 1  pp. 46-50


Recent years have witnessed a meteoric increase in the adoption of smart phones. The number of Android based smart phones is growing rapidly. They are increasingly used for security critical private and business applications, such as online banking or to access corporate networks. This makes them a very valuable target for an adversary. To manage such information and features, Android provides a permission-based security model that requires each application to explicitly request permissions before it can be installed to run. Several privileged permissions are unsafely exposed to other applications, which do not need to request them for the actual use. Up to date, significant or large-scale attacks have failed, but attacks are becoming more sophisticated and successful. Thus, security is of paramount importance for both private and corporate users. This paper gives a short, yet comprehensive overview of the major Android security mechanisms.


Android OS, Seepage, Manifest file, Smart phone infections, Android APPs, Broadcast receiver, Security tools.