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SOM Neural Network as a Method in Image Color Reduction


Amir Maleki Anvar, Alireza Mohammadi, Abdolhamid Pilevar


Vol. 13  No. 2  pp. 64-68


Accurate and right image partitioning is one of major objectives of the various methods in image processing, specifically in medical images. Methods with full review of image areas could identify and partition available sections in an image. Due to the variety of image gray-levels, consider a method in pre-partitioning level as gray-level reduction could be so helpful. In this paper, for this step of image partitioning a neural network self-organizing map method is introduced. Competitive and single-output properties are the major reason for this self-organizing map method. Self-organizing map color reduction method is tested on human magnetic resonance imaging brain images. Human brain has five distinct areas and this method on color reduction detected all five sections and reduced gray-levels to just five levels.


self-organizing map, neural network, color reduction, segmentation, medical image