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Support for Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering in Elastic Cloud Applications


Zill-e-Subhan, Robail Yasrab, Muhammad Farhan, Abdul Qahhar Mohsin, Muhammad Munwar Iqbal


Vol. 13  No. 4  pp. 74-81


Businesses have already started to exploit potential uses of cloud computing as a new paradigm for promoting their services. Although the general concepts they practically focus on are: viability, survivability, adaptability, etc., however, on the ground, there is still a lack for forming mechanisms to sustain viability with adaptation of new requirements in cloud-based applications. This has inspired a pressing need to adopt new methodologies and abstract models which support system acquisition for self-adaptation, thus guaranteeing autonomic cloud application behavior. This paper relies over state-of-the-art Neptune framework as runtime adaptive software development environment supported with intention-oriented modeling language in the representation and adaptation of goal based model artifacts and their intrinsic properties requirements. Such an approach will in turn support distributed service based applications virtually over the cloud to sustain a self-adaptive behavior with respect to its functional and non-functional characteristics.


Cloud Applications, Neptune, Intention, Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE)