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Prediction for Common Disease using ID3 Algorithm in Mobile Phone and Television


L.Sathish Kumar, A.Padmapriya M.C.A


Vol. 13  No. 6  pp. 83-86


The data mining has become a unique tool in analyzing data from different perspective and converting it into useful and meaningful information. Now we have a lot of known diseases and unknown diseases around the world. The healthcare has big challenge to predict the kind of disease and the solution for that disease. In India illiteracy rate is high, so that most of the people are scared about these diseases become of thesis ignorance. Hence they may take wrong decision regarding the disease that they have been affected problem. Considering this serious issue we have used data mining as a tool to overcome this issue. We have already created the prediction for common disease [17]. And we are in the process implementing of mobile phone and television because all category people can used easily find and predicted what kind of disease through television and mobile phones.


ID3 algorithm, Data mining, Common Disease, Prediction, Television, Mobile Phones.