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An Efficient Approach Concurrency Control in Database Management System: A Performance Analysis


Radha Krishna Rambol, Zafar Imam, N. Ahmad


Vol. 13  No. 7  pp. 29-33


The traditional pessimistic lock-based concurrency control mechanism which focuses on the data’s consistency and the transactions’ concurrency cannot meet the demand that the in-time database systems make on the temporal consistency. This paper presents a new concurrency control method which is based on the locking, multi-version and single phase commit protocol concurrency control mechanisms, after the improvement of the concurrency control protocol for in-time transactions. Furthermore, we have adopted a method which is based on different concurrency control mechanisms according to the idiographic situation. In this way it can effectively improve the concurrency of transactions and increase the amount of the transactions completed within the deadline and through this database can make efficient.


Commit protocol, Deadline, Concurrency control, EDBMS, DBMS