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Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection Attacks on Web Applications


Yasser Fouad, Khaled Elshazly


Vol. 13  No. 8  pp. 1-7


In this era where Internet has captured the world, level of security that this Internet provides has not grown as fast as the Internet application. Internet has eased the life of human in numerous ways, but defects such as intrusions that are attached with Internet applications keep on the growth of these applications. One such intrusion is the SQL Injection Attacks (SQLIA). In web applications with the help of the internet explorer the user tries to access the information. But most of the web applications are affected by the SQL-Injection attacks. In this paper we propose a method to detect the SQL-Injection attacks. We use a filtering proxy server to prevent a SQL-Injection attack.


SQL-Injection, fault injection, SQL poisoning, proxy server